Asociation Hasekura of Spain, made up of the descendants of the Japanese Envoy to Europe some 400 years ago, dedicating a thousand paper cranes made with our paper crane recycled paper.

Ongaeshi Project is steadily ongoing in Korea del Rio, Spain

Children's painting exhibition held at Ukrainian embassy cultural center in Paris. A picture drawn by children from Ukraine's NPO Zemuriaki and Okuma Town was offered by Okiagari Koboshi project from Europe, called by Kenzo Kenzo, and the Ukrainian Embassy in Paris.
The Ongaeshi Project supports these activities from the standpoint of providing folding crane pulp, which is a raw material for spillage, and folding crane reconstruction drawing paper.

400 years ago, Keicho Ambassador, Mr. Tsunakura, who served as ambassador, crossed the sea for the purpose of trade negotiations between Sendai clan and Spain. And it is said that the existence of a country called Japan with a one-line behavior and advanced culture, such as audiences of the King of Spain and Pope Rome, obtaining Roman citizenship, impressed European people. As a result negotiations themselves ended unsuccessful due to the trend of the age of prohibition of Christianity, but their achievements are also registered in the UNESCO memorial heritage. In addition, Hapon (Japón) who is said to be the descendant of that party Created by everyone with surname Spencer Friendship Association Association Hasekura is preparing a thousand paper cranes with origami crane recycled paper towards this year's peace memorial ceremony!

Using paper crane recycled made was shirt

We donated 700 FANOs to Hiroshima, which were given to dignitaries from within the country and overseas at Peace Memorial Ceremony on Aug 6 as well as at the UN Disarmament Conference in late Aug.

Just wanted to show how we like to return the favour in a "Japanese" style to those around the globe who went through the trouble of making and sending thousand cranes to Hiroshima by transformimg them into something unique with a touch of austere elegance!

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