Paper Cranes and Thousand Paper Cranes was born approximately from the 18th century era as a game, as the people of the ancestor were short-lived and there is a saying "Cranes a thousand years, turtles millions of years." Since that time it became popular to make paper cranes because it was believed that each time making the paper cranes with hopes for longevity and recovery of the disease were going to lengthen their lives

With the wishes of "Peace", the Origami crane from various parts of the world are sent to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Okinawa, etc., it is recycled and reborn together with the sentiments of thanks in special paper "ONGAESHI".

"ONGAESHI" is a paper made from recycled crane paper given with the wishes for world peace to the city of Hiroshima, sent from nationally and from all over the world. About 10 million orizuru paper cranes (about 10 tons) are delivered each year to the Children’s Peace Monument inside the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima City. A part of these paper cranes, the Manufacturers of used paper pulp Nissey Sangyo Co., Ltd., with their original technology developed with used paper of difficult processing pulps for a special paper. With the wishes of peace gathered from around the world we want these feelings and gratitude to be made to expand with a new life to the world, with such thinking, called it "ONGAESHI".

About orizuru crane recycling activity



◎ We donated a fan FANO (Fano) made from "ONGAESHI" to Hiroshima City and was adopted as official goods for overseas guests at the Peace Memorial Ceremony
◎ Provide orizuru paper crane recycled pulp as raw material for spill of "Fukushima spillage project" led by Mr. Kenzo Takada who is a designer who works mainly in Paris



◎ The origami of "ONGAESHI" is donated to the Spanish parent association exchange group Hasekura Association (Japanese Hispanic exchange group for people of the Hapon surname who are said to be descended from the Keioiseru delegation), the same year the same group elaborated The thousand paper cranes, and was donated to Hiroshima.
◎ Continue to 2015, donated a fan FANO (Fano) to Hiroshima City Peace Memorial Ceremony, adopted as official goods for diplomatic corps at the ceremony of peaceful ceremonies
◎ A donation paper of "ONGAESHI" is donated to Ukraine's Chernobyl victim organization "Zemlyaki".
◎ At the commemorative exhibition of the 300th anniversary of the founding of Daimaru, the successful calligraphy Ms. Akiko Kanazawa, and the painter Mrs. Akiko Awaki, using the paper "ONGAESHI" made original products that was released.
(ONGAESHI project sponsorship company "Art printing of Kyoto" SunM. Color Co., Ltd.)


◎It will be you used as drawing paper for the "Exhibition of Children's Painting for Peace in the World" to be held from 2017.

For the "Children's Painting Competition in Sarajevo" to be held in the same place will be given the role "ONGAESHI"


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