About "ONGAESHI Project"


It is a project that recycles a thousand paper cranes awarded to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Okinawa etc from all over the world, as well as prayers for peace from around the world, and it will be revived as various reclaimed products including recycled paper and recycled fiber.

As part of its activities, donated recycled paper products including origami and drawing paper to schools and organizations that are working for realizing peace in nuclear power accidents, war, disaster-affected areas, etc. and utilize them at events etc. Through this, we are promoting to use meaningfully as a symbol of the feelings of people who wish for peace.

Thirty years after the war, Japan became peaceful and we became able to send happy everyday. However, a thousand paper cranes with a wish for peace will be awarded 10 million tons per year, 10 tons each year from around the world, even only in Hiroshima. Thanking gratitude to you for sending a folding crane, letting it regenerate it as a new product, and letting kids who are now dreaming of peaceful everyday to fly with new lives, Japan I thought that it would be a unique repayment, so I named it ONGAESHI project.

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